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Casa Erica's story

The terrace and the orange treeCasa Erica is an ancient house typical of Stromboli. My family bought the ruins in 1977 and renovated it in full respect of aeolian forms and styles.

At that time, Stromboli was even more magical than today: there was no electricity and in the evening, we used to meet in the Piazza and watch the sky behind the volcano igniting with the red explosions of Iddu (Iddu means "it", referring to the volcano).

The silence was so absolute that sometimes we could hear even the smaller rumblings. Even today it is possible to listen the burps and belches of the volcano, especially on days when the weather is particularly strange.

My family kept the house in the most conservative possible way. We never had the phone, never had a TV, never had the water heater until 2014, when i started to rent the house. Our Vision has always been to go on a vacation and take a break as much as possible from our everydays reality.

Barefoot, a frozen shower in the garden instead of a hot one in the bathroom, incessantly wet hair: a regenerating return to nature to forget the stress we carry back from the city.

Between 2014 and 2017 Casa Erica has been further renovated: the third room, which we usually call "the mezzanine room", now has beautiful wooden beams, with the style of Stromboli. All the roofs have been refurbished and waterproofed.

The bathroom has been completely renovated and has gone from a dark bordeaux to a cheerful set of white and turquoise.

Warning! I wanted to describe all the rooms in the house for the sake of precision and because the guests have an idea as precise as possible, but the house is rented in full, not room by room! To get an idea of the rates, I suggest you visit the prices page, while asking for a personalized quote or more information on the contact page.