terrazza panoramica hero

The sea view terrace

The terrace below

The panoramic terrace, giving access to the house and going along the whole lenght. occupies two levels: the lower on the level of the first two bedrooms, and the other three steps higher, at the same level of the third bedroom and the three external sinks.

From the terrace you can enjoy the sea and the Strombolicchio: by looking at the Strombolicchio and the level of white sea foam originating from the lapping waves, you can easily understand where you should go to swim.

If you see a lot of sea foam you should not go to the nearest beach, more or less in the front of Casa Erica, because entering in the water will be in such conditions more difficult. If the waves come from right (hoping not because it might be the wind sirocco) or from left, you will go towards Ficogrande or Scari beach. If there is no sea foam and the sea is dead calm, you have pleanty of choice for swimming.

I have already mentioned the wonderful sunsets you can enjoy from the terrace, but the dawn of the Moon is no less so: it takes place right in front of Casa Erica, with incredible colours and lights.

There is also a second terrace, of breathtaking beauty, which is instead on the mezzanine level and insists above the bedrooms. You can see it on the page dedicated to her. For prices, I refer you to the rates page, and for personalized quotes on the contact page.