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Position of House Casa Erica in Stromboli

Central panoramic position, 10 minutes from the sea

Landscape with seaview and the Strombolicchio

Seaview of the Strombolicchio from Casa EricaThanks to its high position just below Piazza San Vincenzo, Casa Erica has an enviable view of the sea and the Strombolicchio.

The front door faces the Northeast towards the Strombolicchio, while the rest of the terrace bends round to the East. From that side, you can admire extraordinary sunrises, and you can enjoy the sun rising from the sea and the coasts of Calabria.

More photos and further details can be found on the page dedicated to the terrace of Casa Erica.

Central and convenient location

Sunrise in Stromboli from house Casa EricaCasa Erica is located in a great position on the island of Stromboli: just below Piazza San Vincenzo, the central square of the village, close to shops, bars and restaurants, but just few minutes walking from the beach and the sea (the nearest beach, scari beach, and piscita’ beach are respectively 10, 20, and 30/40 minutes away).

It is true that a house on the beach has a more romantic appeal, but the position of Casa Erica is particularly convenient, because, although not on the shoreline, it is steps away from the village of stromboli, with its shops, restaurants, and bars.

You go to the sea one or twice a day. Having to go back to the market because you forgot to buy some sugar, or coming back home to take a quick shower and then going out sweaty for a cocktail is not the best if you are far from the centre.

At the same time, Casa Erica is not near the summit of the island, by the volcano, which is further away from the shops, and even more distant from the sea.

Casa Erica also has a good position for lazy people (and please note I am a champion in laziness). This high position makes Casa Erica well-ventilated and fresh, compared to other houses in a lower location.

Moreover, compared to other areas of the island, here mosquitos are quite rare. To see the layout of Casa Erica, please visit the page about the House: for further infomation about special rates or quotations please send me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill the form on the contact page.

Very close to the cafes, restaurant, and bars

If you love having breakfast at a café in the morning, being close to ingrid’s, the bar on the square just near casa erica, is a real blessing. You can have breakfast, come back home, take your swimming gear, and walk down to the shore. Restaurant “Il Conte Ugolino” is also very close, and we definitely recommend it.