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This website was created by Made In Magic, Web Agency in Milan Pero with Genoese origins dealing with creating websites and Web-marketing.

Most of the photos and movies were kindly and generously donated to (Casa) Erica from friends who love Stromboli all along, and I want to specifically thank them here. Especially because almost all of them are great chefs of the Neapolitan and Sicilian cuisine and often invite me to dinner! :-D

Viviana Echevarria from Stromboli: thank you for being a photographer for an afternoon. And a True Friend everyday. Thanks also for all the rest to you, Debby and Titty. :)

Fabrizio Cacace: thanks for your sunsets and for your friendship. Ever since. :)

Rachele Beatrice, from Apice but living in Milan: thanks for the great pictures that you took to Casa Erica. It, too, if could, will have photographed you! :)

Andrea Celeste Sicilian DOC, who lives in Rome. Thanks for photos and video of the underwater world. I will never stop to envy you! :)

Stefania from Genoa but living in Stromboli: Stefania is a guide of Stromboli Adventures, and if you want her to accompany you to see Iddu (the volcano), visit her web-site. Thanks for being so special and sunny! :)

Veronica Raffaele, from Sicily with the world's most beautiful eyebrows. Thanks for the movie with the explosion of Iddu! :)

I also want to thank Vincenzo Cusolito, my master builder from Stromboli, who did some somersaults and jackknife leap in order to finish the renovations in time for the summer, thus allowing me to rent from July. I get 3 words to describe him and his work: honest, accurate, proactive. Thank you. :)