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The bathroom of my dreams

The new bathroom of Casa Erica

The bathroom of Casa Erica is all new!

Completed in May 2017, the new bathroom does justice to the house: I chose white and blue, with some decorative mosaic elements and a "cigar" that closes the tiling at the top.

The sanitary fittings are Pozzi Ginori brand of suspended type, with a very clean and modern line.

The shower is spacious and made to measure to have as much space as possible.

The bathroom is equipped with hairdryer.

The history of the old bathroom of Casa Erica

The bathroom has been my nightmare for years! When I had a bad dream, I dreamed of falling off a skyscraper, or of the color of the tiles in my old bathroom in Stromboli. I have asked myself several times if my parents were drunk when they chose those burgundy tiles, but they have always denied them bluntly.

For 35 years they have sworn and swear that there was no great choice in decoration Aeolian Islands in the '70s, and I believe it all in all.

The bathroom, therefore, was not very big already, but it seemed half the size because of the colors. In any case, although ugly, it still had everything you need and indeed, the masonry shower was larger than a standard shower. Beyond everything, I'm happy with the new bathroom: and despite all the swear words that I dedicated to it, I will hold the old one dear to my heart forever, an icon of a past age that, unfortunately, will never come back.

Warning! I wanted to describe all the rooms in the house for the sake of precision and because the guests have an idea as precise as possible, but the house is rented in full, not room by room! To get an idea of the rates, I suggest you visit the prices page, while asking for a personalized quote or more information on the contact page.