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Barefoot: the Vision of Casa Erica

coloured barefoot printingsLet me suggest you a friendly piece of advice, based on my personal experience and love for Stromboli, to help you enjoy your stay. Some hints derived from a single principle: follow nature as much as possible returning to what we were originally.

Turn off the phone for a few hours to experience the thrill of being back in time, avoid television, radio and noisy things. Find the friendly savage living in each of us and let it make us happy.


Once upon a time everybody walked barefoot in Stromboli, while today only young guys do. Try to live in Casa Erica forgetting your shoes at the entrance.

When Casa Erica was renovated in the ' 70ies we chose terracotta tiles, just for the pleasure of contact with your feet on the warm surface: nothing in common with a cold ceramic tile.

Please try! After a couple of days you will feel the discomfort when you have to put your shoes. That's the reason why we only bring flip flops and sandals.

Less clothes, more joy

In Casa Erica you are safe from indiscreet eyes. You can wear only your underwear or take a nap naked in the patio and nobody will see you. A suggestion.... better to lock the main door. This option means real freedom. And it's priceless.


In Stromboli there is no water. Once people collected rainwater from the roofs (Casa Erica did in such way until this year: now there is a connection with the local water system). The water is brought to the island with a tanker, and distribuited only in certain days and at certain hours. This means that saving water is very important: if you waste water and you finish your provisions in the wrong day, this could really be a problem. I ask my guests to have quick showers and do not leave the taps open when it is not needed. Water in Stomboli is worth its weight in gold.

The outdoor shower

Sunrise on the outdoor shower

Outdoor shower does not have not hot water. Even this was a choice. To be honest until two years ago there was not even a water heater: we never needed this. When we wanted to have a hot shower, we put under the sun a couple of basins of water under the sun. But the outdoor shower, which was hot at the beginning because the pipes are heated by the sun, and then icy because the water arrives from the holding tank, is a pleasure you cannot describe. You have a moment of pain when water gets cold, but if you can stand under the shower it becomes a real pleasure. I would suggest something very interesting for women: after a week of hot-cold showers in the garden your skin will be more tonic and firm, after all, those are the basics of any expensive Spa, but in Casa Erica you will have it for free. ;)

For those who prefer a hot shower, obviously, you can have it in the bathroom, as you would do at home.

The sky or the torch

In Stromboli there is no street lightning, so you should carefully consider the use of stiletto heels. Many people in the evening use flashlights. I would recommend limiting the use of them: on the street the light seeping through houses and shops is enough, and the same is true for the moon and stars if you walk along the seafront. If you use the flashlights, you will surely forget to take a look at the sky: the sky of the Aeolian islands is absolutely breath-taking. In short, bring a flashlight with you, because you never know, but make a clever use of it. And very important, use the flashlight to see your way, please don't dazzle people.

The silence

In Stromboli you fall in love with silence, if you have the sensitivity to notice and appreciate it. My generation grew up with the adage quiet down, you annoy everybody. It seems to the new generations this is not taught with great diligence. In Stomboli there is such silence that you can listen to the ants sneezing! For this reason in August there are special times during the day when you don't even hear a pin drop. And suddenly you wonder if you live in a parallel dimension where finding yourself becomes more easy. During the night the silence becomes stunning depending on how the wind blows and you can hear the sound of the sea that accompanies you to a particular deep and enjoyable sleep.


Cat in Stromboli

In Stromboli there are no particularly troublesome animals. Many citizens have never seen a gecko on the wall and could be astounded to see one. Geckos are very popular on the island and it seems they bring luck, but above all, they eat mosquitos!!!! If you see a gecko on the wall, please remember it is much more afraid of you than you are of it. If you have the sensitivity and the curiosity,please look at its ability to capture insects, you will be very grateful to geckos!

Throughout the island you can see some spiders, some cockroaks and and few more animals. And then there are so many cats and kittens, sometimes distrustful, sometimes friendly. As cats keeps mice away, they deserve our gratitude. Dogs from Stromboli deserve a separate chapter. Many of them have an owner, but live freely on the island, and often have fur that looks like like Bob Marley's hair.

Dogs are very devoted and if petted or snuggled might decide to follow you everywhere. So my personal advice is: if a dog follows you at home and for you this is not a problem, as long as you live in Casa Erica you can decide to adopt it. But, if not, don't be so familiar with dogs.