• Il mare blu di Stromboli
  • Un polpone strombolano
  • Un pescione strombolano
  • Un altro pescione strombolano
  • Una razza strombolana
  • Un allegro pesciolino strombolano
  • Mar azul de Stromboli
  • Pulpo de Stromboli
  • Pez de Stromboli
  • Pez de Stromboli
  • Pez de Stromboli
  • Pez de stromboli

The sea of Stromboli (above and below!)

The dominant colour of the sea in Stromboli is neon blue, which becomes lighter, greener or more turquoise, depending on where you bathe.

In Strombolicchio you can discover what "deep blue" means.

I massi e StrombolicchioFor sure going to Stromboli without a mask is a "crime", but it is also sure that the sea there is enjoyable by both those who love lounging on the beach or on a nice air bed in the water, and by those who love to live the sea from below by diving. On the island there are at least two companies offering diving courses, as well as some people with whom it is possible to go to watch closely a bit of colorful marine life.

Tramonto alla Spiaggia LungaFor those who, on the contrary, love the sea and suntan lotions, you can decide whether to lounge on beaches decked with sunbeds and parasols, such as Scari, the "Centrale", Ficogrande, or the beach of Villaggio Stromboli (which for its population density reminds me much more of Rimini than the Aeolian Islands) or to choose one of the other beaches, such as the beautiful Punta Lena, or the one near to the rocks, or the two beaches at the end of the village, one more beautiful than the other Le Petrazze, at the end of the port of Scari, and the Spiaggia Lunga, from which the sunset is without parallel.

If you love boating, you can rent one to go to for a swim at the beach Lena, or the "Piscine", at Strombolicchio or Ginostra. Ginostra is the other village of Island Stromboli, situated on the opposite side of the island. You can also rely on some wonderfully friendly locals, who give tours of the island and will lead you to many beautiful places and explain them.

I want to gift the underwater world lovers this video created by my sicilian friend Andrea Celeste, great lover of Stromboli and its nature. He is also the author of the photos of the slideshow on this page, and I want to thank him sincerely for his work.