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The Island of Stromboli

The northernmost island of the Aeolian islands or Lipari

Mappa geografica Isole Eolie

Aeolian or Lipari islands are an archipelago of volcanic origin located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, north of Sicily and close enough even to Calabria, visible on certain days from the coasts of Stromboli.

Stromboli, the active volcano, is located in the northern part of the archipelago and it is the most fascinating island, perhaps because of its volcanic activity still continuing.

Stromboli versus Panarea

Sunset at Piscità (Stromboli)

Often Stromboli is compared to Panarea, but I find that this is a mistake. It is like comparing pizza with lobster. Is there a “better” one?

You can go to Panarea if you desire to experience night life, parties in discotheques or on yachts, to show off your designer clothes, with the certainity that your outfit will be surely noticed by most people. The sea is very beautiful and enjoyable by boat (there is only one beach in Panarea).

You go to Stromboli for the sea, for the beaches, for the thrill for the explosions of Iddu (Iddu means he, and it is the vernacular name given to the volcano), for wearing your flip flops and your ripped jeans and for getting rid of the many chains we didn't bear in our cities.

This doesn't mean in Stromboli there are only ragamuffins! ;)

If you want to have an elegant dinner, there are beautiful, elegant, and romantic restaurants. If you want to dance you can go to a discotheque, and there are some beautiful places where you can go for an aperitif or a cocktail. But you can also go to the Piazza to make small talk, or you can walk by the sea, or have a trip to the Observatory, or plan a diving.

In short: there is a wide variety of activities to choose from, according to your skills and preferences.